Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Secret Obsession #1

I have a secret obsession. And it's been going on for years ... I love, am completely besotted with, collect and find joy in....

clothes pegs.

Yup, i collect clothes pegs.

I have some luxury rubber pegs that my gran bought me:

I have some plain wooden ones:

But these, these beautiful, gorgeous, not-found-in-South-Africa pegs are my absolute favourite:
and these:
they're called Gipsy pegs because they originated with the gypsies - tying two pieces of wood together so that they could hang their clothes up. I LOVE them...

I have, to make a confession, even stolen one or two from people's houses. See, obsession.

While getting pictures i stumbled across this:
Cute right :)

I have no idea where this love for clothes pegs came about.... i dont even enjoy hanging washing.


" I have a dream - wait let me warn you about yours"

I want to be a: Pastry Chef.
and thats fine.

You want to be a: gardener, lawyer, designer, docter, singer, photographer - thats great! I'm really glad that you know what you want to do and have a passion for it.

That is my attitude. Dont i wish that EVERYONE understood that. I got pretty upset today which doesnt happen on a regular basis. The reason: Yet another person was trying to tell what a hard life I'm going to have, how little money I'm going to earn and how stressed I will be.... I KNOW! I get so angry at this approach, why is it ok when someone wants to be a teacher, but as soon as you want to be a chef - BAM! There are problems with everything and you're immediatly trying to put me off my passion?! I mean for goodness sake-you can have your dream but I can't have mine? How is that fair?

Today my dad told me that this random student teacher, who I've had no contact with wanted to talk to me about how badly her friends are being treated at Silwood and how many nervous breakdowns they're having - she wants to warn me.... Puh-lease. Let me be, its what I love, cant you see that there are pro's and con's to every career - why is everyone constantly telling me that its so HARD and that I can't do it? WHY?????

Please tell me why.

Well here it is, I know all the Con's and bad stuff, yet I STILL WANT TO DO IT. I have a passion for it and am willing to turn to anti-depressants, alcohol and counselling in order to have a career in the industry. I love this just as much as you love whatever you do. Do people really not understand that?


Monday, August 30, 2010

Baking off the kilojoules

Today I discovered that there is no need for gym - all you need or your daily arm muscle strengthen and tone is to bake some lovely, moist and chocolately choux pastry creations - profiteroles, eclairs or croqueombouches - any will work.

On thursday I have my prac exam or Term 3 and we're making profiteroles, while being tested on tour choux pastry methods. I practsed my choux today and wow- my arm and shoulder havent been worked like that in such a while.

After the work out, they did indeed come out very well and tasted great - only problem was my lack of whipped cream and confectioners custard, therefor it was filled with normal box custard which tends to be a tad bit runny for this kind of presentation but overall the melted cadbury tops were amazing and filled the mouth with gorgeous tasting chocolati-ness. And my dad loved them so I was happy :)

On the baking note, Day 7 of my muffin order for WGHS through my catering business (cupboard love catering) 's  flavour is chocolate muffins with cadbury cashew nut and coconut milk chocolate chunks.... sound great? they looked great ;)

Happy Baking,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

'Step Up 3D' Trailer HD

So last night Daniel and I went to see Step up 3D with Jess and her new boyfriend Iain. It was overall an extremely interesting and fun night. I was SO excited to see the movie - more than i have been in a long time and i was HOPING that i wouldnt be dissapointed. After all, the advert was SO promising and I absolutely loved the first two.

But, it was good... even great. And i would definitly see it again. Although the moose side of the story was a little bit cliched and predictable the other part wasnt. There were definitly similarities between the second and third - the second having a waaaaaay cooler soundtrack but overall, a really worthwhile movie and one that i really enjoyed. The colours, idea's and over board dance moves amaze you and everyoen ends up dancing out of the cinema after staying till the last credit has rolled just to hear the last couple songs. It makes you want to DANCE and to be passionate about something or someone.

Although, i was HUGELY dissapointed with Ster Kinekors new 3D glasses, no longer in nerd style but in a lam-o square-mono brow creating cut. LAME. Even lamer was that you now have to pay for the glasses separatly on top of the outrageous ticket prices.

Go see it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

User Friendly Blogging

Welcome to my first Blog.

After coming to the realisation  that all the really cool people have Blogs I decided that Ineeded to join the sub-specie and become a blogger myself. Although my parents aren't too keen and have labeled blogging 'Another Internet addiction' I believe that it might be a pretty rad idea :)

So, after accidently setting up a blog under my dad's blogger profile, having to delete it and restart with my own Gmail account on another computer I was already aware that Blogging is not so user friendly. Even more so after trying to figure out how to add my own template. After calling in the help of  Jan (http://hathairhatgirl.blogspot.com/) and we still managed to aimlessly wonder around my Blogger Dashboard for half an hour before discovering it under 'edit HTML' and not the other 'Design a template!' option. Then it seemed that the sweet little template that I had chosen didnt co-ordinate with the dashboard, needing me to edit my blog name into the Jpeg picture and re-upload it. Didnt seem like such an easy start.....

Nevertheless, I'm determined to love blogging and will dance forward to the potential blogposts just waiting to be written.